Freedom In Chains

It is a popular saying that freedom comes at a price, if this is so which I am inclined to agree then we come out as being very cheap.

Much said and done these are the thoughts that flood my mind.

I am supposed to start with a greeting though am not a very generous person when it comes to that. No offence intended but if you’re an open minded person then none will be taken.

‘They come and go,’ is the phrase used by most young people after throwing away many years of a good and prosperous relationship just because they’re too self-centered and egocentric, who would rather die than say the word sorry. Sometimes they happen to sugarcoat their stupidity by saying Gods time is the best, not knowing that God already did his deed but because they’re too narrow minded they thought that whatever God gave them wasn’t enough, they wanted more.

Most young people choose their friends based on appearances and not by their character. They always want to surround themselves with good looking mates just like themselves, so as to intimidate the average looking ones. I’d say that’s stupid because looks don’t last forever.

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Take whoever comes your way and make it work. It’s so sad that nowadays, we live in a clout chasing and emotionally unavailable generation which would easily convince you to mistreat someone who truly cares with the notion that everybody is replaceable. You will most likely die lonely if you’re that type of a person.

The internet is even making it harder for our generation, it’s evident that a larger percentage of teenagers wouldn’t post their failures on the net, reason being that they wouldn’t get enough likes and followers when they post their failures. Some are actually wannabes, who only post who they would really wish to be and not who they actually are at the moment.

Take a chill pill and don’t let what people post on social media get into your head and neither should you start comparing yourself with them. Truth is, we base our lives so much on the internet which is so full of deception and fictions, our lives have generally become one big balloon of lies.

Young blood have engulfed themselves in so much deception till it has become their new reality. That has given them a hard time to actually figure out the real truth because lies happen to be their new reality. Hashtag, lies and deceit being the new norm.

News flash, a goal relationship isn’t about two people looking cute and posting cute pictures on social media which apparently most of us admire. There’s nothing wrong with admiring, the problem comes in when you start being envious.My take on the true definition of goals is sticking together when things get tough, going through difficulties together, goals is making each other level up and being there for each other during both good and bad times.

Smoking pot, smoking weed, drinking alcohol and having sex is the new fun, according to the expectation of the young minds of this generation. What happened to eating together, dancing together, sharing jokes as we laugh together and playing together? They say those ones are left for the kids, and they top it up with the phrase ‘gone are the days’.

Let me break it down for you, young blood nowadays prefer ruining their lives in the name of having fun, how messed up can that be? I know, super messed up. The sad part is, they all know the repercussions but they still do it anyway, even with warning signs and disclaimer punched at the back of the drugs they happen to be using, they still won’t quit.

Abusing drugs is the new cool and being normal is the new boring which apparently we are trying to wrap our heads around. It even gets weird that a friend would rather spoil you by buying you as much alcohol as he can till you black out than buy you food. That same friend would watch you starve to death and still shamelessly offer you alcohol or weed as a remedy, according to him or her. Sex has also played a major role in this, it has graduated from being a sacred act that binds two souls together to being a greeting. As long as you get your words right, you can have sex with whoever you may and there has to be no physical or emotional connection whatsoever.

Who am I to judge, though we both know there is a speck of truth in whatever I just said. The three letter word has killed a lot of relationships, couples cheat hoping to get fulfillment after the action not knowing that they will never be satisfied until they truly understand what a relationship really is.
We should all know that there are men and women ready to affirm our feelings, support our goals and dreams, remind you of how much you’re worth, scrap off your insecurities, acknowledge your dents, flows and beauty, spoil you in every possible way, invest in you and blow your back out, so please stop wasting your love on people who act like loving you is hard. There is always pride and fame in treating one girl or boy right. You don’t need to stash a lot of them for just in case because when you choose someone, there shouldn’t be a life boat for just in case because you intend to fix it all no matter what it takes.

Try to give your all even if your all is a mess, maybe someone will eventually appreciate that mess because it might be a beautiful mess. I know sometimes we love too hard but we end up getting hurt reason being people in this generation don’t appreciate that kind of love anymore.

Our young generation has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be the middle children of history though we both know that sometimes history can be given a push this time it’s different, our generation have no purpose or place, we cannot acknowledge any great war to be ours, no great depression.

The only Great War that we are fighting happens to be a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives because we have all been raised on screens and by screens I mean televisions, phones, tablets and laptops to believe that one day we would all be millionaires and billionaires, movie stars or probably gods and famous musicians. The sad truth is that we won’t or at least most of us wont and most of us are slowly learning that fact and we are very angry about it. This is the sole reason why young blood’s hearts are filled with rage and anger.

We are an emotionless society filled with rage and need for vengeance trying to vent out on whoever comes our way. Now we know why there is no love in the streets. All hope is not lost because in the end, we all just want someone to choose us over everyone else under any circumstance.

For the brave hearted who still have the will to love, just know that you shouldn’t think that there will always be next year or next month or probably next week, sometimes there is no next time, no more second chances, no time out, sometimes it’s now or never, things change, friends leave so let your love be felt now, so deep and meaningful.

It’s up to us to break generation curses, we were made of love, through love and by love, let’s be the love, it doesn’t matter how many time we have been hurt or how messed up or wrecked our hearts are, the point is, we weren’t designed to hate, we were programmed to love, so let’s do what we were meant to do because at the end of the day it’s all that counts and love eventually wins. Fighting love is like fighting a lost battle. Let’s make cheating an old fashioned thing and the new fashion in finding that one person who is ready to go to hell with you and back, settle down with that person, draw close to God, make money together and be happy, it’s better than being a billionaire.

The face of gold

People say money makes the world go round and it’s a belief that we as young people have embraced, I do not disagree that money runs the world but have you ever stopped to asked yourself to which extend does it run the world? Let’s say you have all the money in the world, what would you do so differently that has yet to be done? I know most people only think about flashy cars, expensive mansions, probably owning a jet or an island. But if you ask me I would say money brings out the worst in people, once you get rich, you’ll no longer roll with the friends you had when you were poor instead, you’ll grab new friends who happen to be of the same caliber as yours.

You might have a little pride, ego and maybe a little bit of arrogance but when there is money that starts to appear in bulk. With money comes along bigger problems. Have you ever wondered why cancer is referred to as the disease of the rich? That’s food for thought. I know you must probably be thinking that I am advocating for poverty, well am not.

My point is, pray God grants you life, freedom and the will to live, pray he grants you just enough to keep you going and not to cross the line to poverty, pray He grants you the heart that finds pleasure in giving more than receiving, a heart that never looks down upon the less fortunate and shares the little that God grants them.

Sometimes we think we are poor because we don’t appreciate the little things that we have and we focus so much on comparing ourselves with other people who are blessed more than we are. We all can’t shine at the same time because the light will be too bright and the other person won’t notice your light, and so blessings come one at a time so that the one who was blessed first will be able to notice your light. So hang on, better days are coming.

Hope you learnt something.

AUTHOR: Teddy Facts

  1. Making my Sunday with this great piece…have always believed in you and I will support you all the way up💯💯sad…

  2. Go!go!go team Tedd… always in love with your wording …kazi poa bro.

The Knowledge Facade

(They say knowledge is power.,well I agree but is it really worth it)

No communication or conversation without a word therefore I word you up once again. I humbly request to be accorded an audience because what am going to shine the light on might hit a spot. I ask, what comes into your mind when I mention the word knowledge? Wait, let me guess, power. Knowledge can be defined as the information, facts or skills an individual acquires through experience, education or practical understanding of a particular subject or field.

They colonized us and drilled it in our minds that for us to make it in life, we have to acquire papers and by papers, I mean certificates. Most of us think making it in life involves making more money, and their definition of success is riches. Success is being in a good relationship with God, family and people around you, though its next to impossible to please everyone around you. Did you know that if you were given everything in the world without genuine people to enjoy it you would probably not see the need of it? Doubt it? Well my bible tells me that our first parent had it all except for a companion, food for thought.

“Man was not made to dwell in solitude; he was to be a social being. Without companionship the beautiful scenes and delightful employments of Eden would have failed to yield perfect happiness.” PP 46.1

As we all know, most of us associate knowledge with school and education which is indeed true. Here comes the bitter truth that you should know about knowledge.
The more knowledge a person receives, the more likely they are to become atheist which means non-belief also increase with the rate of intelligence.

Here comes a case where things go as planned, an individual gets high noticeable grades that catches the attention of potential employers, they have a thirst for more and believe attaining the highest honors will quench it. They then get their PHD and become professors, unfortunately to realize that it isn’t enough and they begin to tell themselves that they know everything and they don’t need more information which in turn limit themselves or idolize knowledge asking questions that do not concern them. They believe they have all the answers or they can get the answers to everything. Indeed, a true definition of an atheist offspring.

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It brings about a false sense of sufficiency, individuals who have devoted their lives to gaining the highest point of educational achievements mostly do it for self-gain, they’ll probably limit their reasoning capacity to what they have studied or acquired making them rigid and inflexible in their thought pattern and this is exactly what we call self-imprisonment. What you thought would give you freedom and power now turn out to be your prison.
Schools which turns out to be the hub of knowledge has given people a false sense of security that they’ll get employment that will settle them for life only to exit school with a rigid mind and find out that they have been living a fantasy.

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(African education system has a surprising outcome. The smartest students pass with 1st class and get admissions to medical and engineering schools. The 2nd class students MBAs and LLBs to manage the 1st class students. The 3rd class students enter politics and rule both 1st class and 2nd class students. The failures join the army and control politicians, who if they’re not happy with, they kick them out of politics or kill them. Best of all, those who did not attend any school become prophets and witchdoctors and everybody follows them) according to ‘Robert Mugabe’. They say knowledge is power, I say knowledge is contagious and lethal and it will be the reason for our extinction someday because once a person is knowledged up they start to acquire a false sense of belief which makes them believe they’re small gods.

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